Natural Flea Remedies

Diatomaceous Earth: Fleas Controlled Naturally »

diatomaceous earth fleas

Tips on using Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, why it kills fleas, where to buy it and the surprising benefits of using this safe, highly effective,…

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Being Environmentally Friendly with Natural Flea Repellent »

Scratching Fleas

The world’s focus has turned to being much more environmentally friendly. We have organically grown foods and the idea of being green has seeped into…

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Homemade Flea Trap »


Here's a few simple, DIY flea trap ideas to use for getting rid of fleas and keeping your sanity. The whole idea of the…

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Flea-No-More Biscuits »

Bone Shaped Cookies

Especially in the hotter months, fleas can be a huge problem. Make a batch of these yummy, effective treats for your dog. The…

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Flea Control

Deals of the Week: Frontline Plus Coupons and More

"50% off" key on keyboard

Each week, we scour the web for the best prices on flea control and share our findings with you, such as Frontline Plus coupons, K9 Advantix coupons and…

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Using Frontline Combo To Combat Dog Fleas


Are you losing the battle against dog fleas? Frontline Combo (aka Frontline Plus for Dogs) may be just the weapon you need.  There are many different techniques that…

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Frontline Plus Purple: Information and Price Comparisons

frontline plus purple

The main purpose of Frontline Plus Purple is to protect your larger dog from the numerous harms caused by fleas and ticks. One example is that ticks can…

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Flea Treatment

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House (and Keep It That Way)

how to get rid of fleas in your house

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when dealing with a flea infestation. Following this step-by-step guide on how to get rid of fleas in your house can put an…

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Flea Bites On Humans: How to Identify and Treat Them


Your child’s scratching, you’re itchy and I’m sure you’re wondering how to best treat flea bites on humans. First off, I’d like to explain why fleas love human…

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The Secret To Using A Flea Bomb

Scratching Fleas

You’re at the end of your rope.  Your dog’s scratching, the kids are getting eaten alive and you’ve seen a flea or two in your bed.  Yikes!  You…

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