How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House (and Keep It That Way)

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when dealing with a flea infestation. Following this step-by-step guide on how to get rid of fleas in your house can put an end to all of those horrible, biting fleas that have been making life miserable for your kids, pets and yourself.

Getting rid of fleas in your house is a multiphase process. First, you must eliminate the live fleas, their eggs and larvae from the environment. The next step is to get rid of the fleas on your pets. Finally, taking preventative measures using flea control products will keep your home flea-free for good, ensuring that you never have to repeat this process.

Step 1: How to Get rid of Fleas in Your House

One of the most effective ways to quickly kill all of the fleas is the use of flea bombs or flea foggers. Although messy, they will kill the live, adult fleas and also take care of their eggs and larvae. When buying a flea bomb, make sure to look for a product that contains an Insect Growth Regulator or IGR. IGRs have effects that can last up to 200 days, which will cover the worst part of the flea season. Once you have gone through the trouble of using flea bombs, it is important to vacuum every inch of your house thoroughly. Yes, I realize that the mess that a flea bomb creates makes vacuuming after a necessity, but it is important to keep vacuuming. To really get rid of fleas in carpet, you must vacuum every 21 days, at least. The reason for the 21 days is because that’s about how long it takes for a flea to go through it’s life cycle. You must take the necessary steps to get rid of fleas in every stage of their life if you want to keep flea infestations at bay.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Fleas on Your Pets

There’s no point in taking the steps needed to get rid of fleas in your house without treating your dogs and/or cats. The fastest way to a flea reinfestation is leaving this part to chance. The best and easiest way to get rid of fleas on your pets is by simply shampooing dogs and using powders on cats. Once the live fleas have been killed, running a flea comb through your pet’s fur every couple of days will get rid of all of the flea eggs and larvae that are just waiting to hatch.

Step 3: Use Flea Control to Keep Your Home and Pets Flea-free

As mentioned earlier in this article, vacuuming the house thoroughly will keep the fleas from reinfesting the floors of your home. If you have pets, though, it is crucial that you start them on flea preventatives. The topical flea control products that you can buy online and in your vet’s office are 99.8% effective in keeping the fleas that happen to jump on your pet from reinfesting the house. Some of the more popular brands are Frontline Plus, Advantage Flea Control, Capstar and K9 Advantix. Easy to apply, these treatments are now easily obtained online and oftentimes are available at a discounted price from some of the more popular online merchants. For example, here are a few of the coupon codes that I’ve found that can save you quite a bit of money on the most effective flea preventatives: US Pets-Extra 15% off of everything using the coupon code PETSCHOOL when you checkout: Shop US Pets for the lowest prices on pet supplies, medicine, treats, and more. Save up to 50% on major name brands, plus free shipping! Click on the US Pets logo below to get this deal!


I know that taking the above steps can be a daunting task, but fleas are not just annoying, they can cause health problems that go beyond allergic reactions to flea bites. Taking the steps needed to end the flea infestation and following through with flea control will keep you and your family from having to suffer through it another flea season.

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