Conquering the Unconquerable: How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are tremendously difficult to kill, unless you are equipped with the proper set of tools. That means if you are trying to figure out how to get rid of fleas in your environment, researching the best methods is a great place to start. There are several effective methods depending upon your specific situation.

Here is what you did not want to know. Fleas have four life cycles. In the matured phase of their life, you will find them on the surface of your pet’s skin and fur. In this stage, they can be easily dealt with—easily being relative to the other stages. In addition, if you do not deal with the other three life stages of the little beasts that have taken up residence in your residence, you will not be able to remedy the issue. They will continue to come back year after year. In contrast to the easy to kill adult flea, the cocoons that fleas lay are legendarily hard to exterminate. The shell of the cocoon cannot be crushed with a hammer and each individual shell has the ability to hatch thousands of fleas. Bug bombs do not effectively extinguish the cocoons, so even when you think you have cured the problem- you probably have not.

Therefore, you might be asking, “How do I get rid of fleas?” You must to take the flea control fight to every front. Fleas live in different environments depending on the life stage they occupy. Some fleas find the lawn is the best place to mature. Other fleas will love your carpet and humid duct areas. While still other fleas will prefer to be on the warm fleshy, nutrient rich landscape of you or your pets skin. If you want to completely rid your world from fleas, you have to destroy them in all these locations. Lawn treatments can be dispersed over your yard to kill fleas in that habitat and several treatments should do the trick.

Once the lawn has been cared for using pet skin ointments and flea treatments should be commenced. At the same time, apply a flea bomb to your house and treat all carpeted areas with flea extermination powders. Follow up regularly and treat the carpet several times. During the following spring of your first attack, apply a second bug bomb and if you are lucky, you will have destroyed the flea infestation. That is how to get rid of fleas.

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