Kill Fleas In Your Yard With DE

Do you have a flea problem but are afraid of spreading poisons around your pets and children?  Good news, there’s a solution!  There are a couple of safe and effective natural flea remedies on the market.  One of these is Diatomaceous Earth.  Also known as, DE, this natural substance is one that fleas just cannot tolerate!

DE is made up of finely ground fossilized shells.  The shells themselves once belonged to nearly microscopic organisms named diatoms.

Here’s how this stuff works:  When the flea comes into contact with the ground shell of the diatom, they dehydrate and die within hours.  The key to DE’s effectiveness is the fact that it works purely on the fact that it dehydrates as a way of killing fleas.  Therefore, no flea will ever be able to build up an immunity to it.  It can be used for killing fleas in your home and in the yard, so it’s a versatile flea control product.

Here’s how you use it:  You buy it as a powder and sprinkle it in your yard, on your carpet, your pet’s bedding, etc.  When vacuuming the carpets after treatment with the powder, any remaining live fleas will come into contact with the DE in the bag and die, as well.

The best part of using DE ,as part of your flea killing arsenal, is that your family and pets can come into contact with the powder and leave unscathed.


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